A collection of short articles from Workers' Liberty 12-13, August 1989

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Click here to download the pdf including all these short articles from Workers' Liberty 12-13, August 1989.

Strikes in Stalinist and ex-Stalinist states; Rushdie; EU; Dock Labour scheme scrapped; more on USSR strikes; strikes in UK; abortion rights in USA; world economy; British economy; Scottish left and Assembly; independent union in China.

The heirs of Stalin face the workers: In China, in Yugoslavia, in Poland, in the USSR, the working class is becoming an independent force for the first time in many decades.

Rushdie and the labour movement: The Labour movement, Muslim zealots and Salman Rushdie.

For a democratic united Europe: Thatcher's anti-europeanism and the 'left's' cause of 'British sovereignty'.

Industrial gangsters: The Dock Labour Scheme and the 1989 docks dispute.

Towards a Soviet Solidarnosc: The Soviet strikes of 1989

Almost like old times: Report on increased industrial militancy in the UK.

Setback in the USA: Abortion rights struggle in the US.

Is it really slump proof? World capitalism and the 1987 stock market crash

More a mess than a miracle: Surge of inflation and renewed industrial militancy since 1988.

Stalemate on the left: Scotland, socialists and devolution.

How Beijing workers organised their own union: Report from Workers' Autonomous Federation in China, Beijing Independent workers' association, Beijing Independant Workers' Union and a copy of the Preamble to the union rules of the Beijing Workers' Autonomous Federation.

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