Lexiteers go on tour

Submitted by Matthew on 13 February, 2019 - 10:27 Author: Colin Foster

Who thinks Brexit looks good? Not most of the people who voted Leave in June 2016. They tend to say: well, it can’t be worse, and anyway, we’ve got to go through with it now. About the only people who think that Brexit will improve economic conditions for the majority are the Tory ultra-free-marketers, who say that Brexit will allow Britain to thrive as a low regulation, low social overheads offshore site of operations for global capital. They’re about the only ones — except a few people on the left.

“Trade Unionists Against the EU” is organising a speaking tour to claim that that “Brexit [can] free our country from the straitjacket of the last 40 years” and “bring democratic renewal and hope”. Meetings are scheduled in Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool, London, and Durham between 4 and 28 March. The speakers will be Costas Lapavitsas (top-billed), plus a selection from an unholy range stretching from “Blue Labour” figure Lord Glasman (who argued for welcoming EDL people into the Labour Party), through the Communist Party of Britain (Morning Star) and the remnants of Arthur Scargill’s SLP, to Tariq Ali, Lindsey German, and John Rees.

Trade Unionists Against the EU is known to have had links with the UKIP-type right-wing outfit Leave.EU and Arron Banks.

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