Workers' Liberty 64-5, September 2000

Submitted by AWL on 17 July, 2005 - 1:00

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Commentary: The return of militancy

Commentary: Britain holds the ring by Martin Thomas

In the news: Why rioting against paedophiles misses the point by Annie O'Keeffe

Survey: Educational elitism and Mr Blair by Jill Mountford

Survey: Unions must defend refugees by Stan Crooke

Survey: Balkan fires still burn by Cath Fletcher

Survey: Prospects for the Socialist Alliances by Martin Thomas

Survey: Iranian women: reforms an insult by Workers' Left Unity, Iran

Survey: The rich man in his castle... by Violet Martin

Diary: Faith and freedom by Janet Burstall

The unions: Blair is not popular in the unions by Alan McArthur

The unions: How to rebuild militancy by Tom Haslam

The unions: Ford batters its union 'partners' by Alan McArthur

Labour: Blair retreats on 21st Century Party by Adie Kemp

Ireland: Peace in Northern Ireland? A discussion of the issues, by Sean Matgamna

US elections: Putting workers into US politics by Rhodri Evans

Platform: Alas, poor Dawkins by Les Hearn

The cover story: Australia's red-green pioneers by Greg Mallory

Commemorating Trotsky: 'The communist future of mankind'

Why I became a socialist: Socialism, Christianity and east London by Ken Leech

Obituary: The paradoxes of Tony Cliff, 1917- 2000 by Sean Matgamna

Marx: Teach yourself Marx's Capital, part five

Survey: Dialectics: learning to think by Colin Waugh

The Cultural Front: Watching the detectives by Clive Bradley

Our history: Introduction to Ryazanov by Sean Matgamna

Our history: Politics, polemic and Marxism by David Ryazanov

Platform: Learn from Seattle by Lina Jamoul

Forum: Capitalism is in decline by Paul Hampton

Forum: Militant and the Poll Tax; the Good Friday Agreement; Blanqui; the Labour left

Reviews: Quangos; Cuban Trotskyism; No Logo; Muhammad Ali; The far right in Australia; The Mensheviks and Stalinism.

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