Workers' Liberty 56, June 1999

Submitted by AWL on 17 July, 2005 - 1:55

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Commentary: Who will win the peace?

The Cover Story: The Balkans war: a symposium

Diary: A different kind of politician

Survey: Good Friday, Goodbye? by John O'Mahony

Survey: Demonstrate against tuition fees

Survey: Labour, the unions and the myth of social partnership by Tom Willis

Survey: The contours of the new South Africa by Ann Mack

Debate: Kosova and NUT conference by Bernard Regan and Pat Murphy

Debate: We need an honest debate on the left by Alan Thornett

In depth: Cliff's state capitalism in perspective by Sean Matgamna

Our History: Remaking socialism: part two by Boris Souvarine

Hidden History: Secret diplomacy in wartime by Raymond Challinor

Against the tide: Learn from history? No, repeat it! by Lucy Clement

Our history: Women in the Irish nationalist movement by Janine Booth

Appeal: Fight for Rob Dawber's life by Sean Matgamna

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