The two Trotskyisms during World War 2: Workers' Liberty 3/48

Submitted by AWL on 10 December, 2014 - 8:15

Tracing the development of "two Trotskyisms" through from the 1940 split to the 1944 polemic between Harry Braverman and Max Shachtman.

Click here to download as pdf or read online.

The pagination in the pdf is correct, but, by a mishap, the pages of the printed version of Workers' Liberty 3/48, as a pull-out in Solidarity 347, are in the wrong order. Our apologies to readers.

Check the printed version with the pdf, or follow this guide:

Page 2 has been mistakenly swapped with page 6, and page 7 with page 11.

The printed pull-out can be navigated as follows:

1: the first page, with the masthead and the main headline; then

2: the page numbered 6, with the crossheads "More Unbridled" and "Not Stable"; then

3: the page numbered 3, with a picture of James Cannon and Max Shachtman in the top right corner; then

4: the page numbered 4, with the headline "Defending the Soviet Union"; then

5: the page numbered 5, with the cartoon of a man with a "Fourth International" flag in the top right corner; then

6: the page numbered 2, with a box with a headline "Calling for a new start, 1940"; then

7: the page numbered 11, with the crossheads "The Question of 'Parentage'" and "Trade Unions"; then

8: the page numbered 8, with a box with a headline "From Shamefacedness to Solid Brass"; then

9: the page numbered 9, with the crossheads "Unions" and "Political Power and Property"; then

10: the page numbered 10, with the cartoon about the Stalinist constitution in the top right corner; then

11: the page numbered 7, with the headline near the bottom of the page "What is Trotskyism?"; then

12: the page numbered 12, with a headline "What is Leninism?".

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