Call Labour's pro-Brexit wreckers to account!

Submitted by martin on 18 January, 2019 - 11:07 Author: Colin Foster
stop Brexit

Talk, fed to the media, of "mass resignations" by junior shadow ministers if Jeremy Corbyn activates Labour Party conference policy and goes for a new public vote on Brexit (Guardian, 18 January 2019) - this is treachery similar to June 2016, only worse.

Worse because the talk of resignations is being used to block explicit Labour conference policy, and because it's being done when an early general election is on the cards, or at least Euro-elections held in May after all.

Worse again, because the word is that some factions in the Leader's Office are playing a part in feeding this talk to the media.

The wreckers who are feeding the media should be called to account. Jeremy Corbyn should get off the fence and stop being so slow about going for a new public vote - for example, all the stuff about "maybe we'll try further motions of no confidence first", which amounts to talking down the clock. Especially so if his reason for that slowness is to placate the wreckers.

The latest poll figures are that 78% of Labour supporters back a new public vote.

Among the whole electorate, Remain leads by 65% to 35% against May's deal, and 59% to 41% against no-deal.

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