Leeds socialists attacked

Submitted by AWL on 16 January, 2019 - 12:28 Author: Luke Hardy

On Monday 7 January, a group calling itself “Justice for Women and Girls”, led by Lee Scheres (aka Lee Baylan), who runs the “Antifa Public Watch” Facebook site, invaded a Leeds Socialist Party closed meeting.

A drunken and wired Lee Scheres and his pals tried to disrupt the meeting, intimidating people, filming them, squaring up to them, seizing papers off them etc. Leeds Socialist Party report: “Bar staff assisted to escort them out of the venue. No one was hurt during the incident.

“During their interruption of our meeting they accused us of campaigning against women and child victims of abuse and verbally attacked our members as being ‘paedophiles’ and ‘nonces’.”

It’s part of far-right tactics now to paint the left as supporting or colluding in child abuse, and to highlight only child abuse cases where the perpetrators or alleged perpetrators are of Muslim background. The Baylan/Scheres Antifa Public Watch Public page is taking up the role of the old Red Watch site, singling out and trying to intimidate members of the left and the labour movement. Meanwhile far right “Yellow Vests” have threatened pro-Remain and liberal or left MPs, journalists, and staff, outside Parliament.

We need a united, politically sharp and working¬class anti¬fascist movement to defeat the fascists once again.

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