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AWL Students

Why a revolutionary workers' organisation organises among students

Only the organised, mobilised working class can overthrow capitalism. But students, who represent the biggest collective concentrations of young people in this society, can play an important role - using our time and access to resources to think about the world, develop ideas and get politically educated; bringing spark and enthusiasm to campaigns and revolutionary organisation; getting organised to fight for our rights and linking up with workers in struggle. Often students have played a catalytic role for working-class struggle - from Britain in 2010/11, on a small scale, to the dramatic sweep of France in 1968. And of course, when most students leave university, they will have the opportunity to organise at work and become labour movement activists.

Our ideas

Why join Workers' Liberty rather than another socialist group active among students. For a summary of our basic ideas and our activity, check out our broadsheet 10 reasons you should join Workers' Liberty.

What Workers' Liberty students do

Our members and supporters

• Organise regular meetings on campus to discuss socialist ideas and educate ourselves and others about the world and how to change it. (For many different study materials on Marxist and other radical ideas, see here.)
• Campaign on political issues such as freedom of movement, migrants’ rights and workers’ rights.
• Mobilise support for and build links with workers' organisations and workers' struggles, on campus and beyond.
• Organise within Labour Students, Young Labour and the Labour Party to transform it into an open, democratic, class-struggle organisation which fights for the interests of the working class.
• Build solidarity with students', workers' and liberation struggles worldwide on the basis of our 'Third Camp' socialist politics.
• Organise with other student activists to fight the Tories' attacks on education, and for free, democratic education, through campus anti-cuts groups and the Student Left Network.
• Organise to fight in and transform student unions and the National Union of Students into democratic, campaigning, mass-mobilising organisations.

How to contact us

Wherever you study, contact us by emailing or ringing 07891 495 541 and we can put you in touch with someone, or provide materials, help you set up meetings and send a speaker. Feel free to get in touch whether you want to join, want more information or want to make a suggestion or comment.

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