AEIP conference, issues and debates

Submitted by AWL on 5 December, 2018 - 1:14 Author: Sam Lloyd

After opening itself out so that people can join as members, rather than just being an office with initiatives which activists on the ground can support, Another Europe is Possible is calling a conference on 8 December in London. Members will be able to debate and vote on structures and strategy.

Workers’ Liberty will be attending the conference, and we encourage all socialists to attend and join the campaign to stop Brexit. We will be supporting a number of proposals and amendments. One, also backed by some leading AEIP figures, calls for a specifically Labour anti¬Brexit campaign, supported by AEIP but autonomous, with the capacity to create an anti-Brexit voice within the Labour campaign if an early general election is forced but the official Labour line remains “negotiate a better Brexit”. AEIP as such defines itself as “cross¬party”.

One amendment will question the way that the AEIP¬backed “Europe For The Many” conference on 26¬7 October projected ministers from the Portuguese and Greek governments as representing the “for the many” voice in Europe, rather than promoting debate in which those ministers were challenged by working¬class socialists from Portugal and Greece.

Another will question a clause slipped into the AEIP strategy document recommending an all-Ireland referendum on Irish unity as the democratic formula.

Yet another will dispute a clause in the AEIP strategy document recommending that AEIP should seek to be part of the official Remain campaign if there is a new referendum on Brexit. (Labour was part of the official “Better Together” in the 2014 Scottish referendum, but after shifting left in 2015 resolved to campaign in the 2016 EU referendum independently from the “official” Britain Stronger in Europe headed by big¬business mogul Stuart Rose).

Some Workers’ Liberty activists will stand for the AEIP committee to be elected at the conference, and we will also support other more left-wing candidates.

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