The new Stalinism

Submitted by cathy n on 6 November, 2018 - 2:03 Author: AWL

Articles on the new forms of Stalinist political practice in and around the Labour Party and trade unions

A briefing about the ultra-Stalinist Red London group. Red London, in their own words.

Articles on the Communist Party of Britain and Morning Star.

What's wrong with Stalinist iconography. The political implications of the current craze for using social media images and memes praising Stalin and attacking Trotskyists

Pulling it down: No gods, no cults. Erecting statues to oneself is the work of someone with state power. The purpose is to project permanence, grandeur, great dominance. And to create devotion around the individual who demands power and control without accountability.

Fake news inside the left. The politics and methods of the Facebook "trolling group" Red London.

Witch-hunt tries to prohibit radical ideas. The charge that political organisations like Workers’ Liberty are “cults” is a common weapon in factional battles within the Stalinist-influenced left today. This is our response to that line of argument.

The inverted pyramid of fake politics. How fake news and political scandals within the left are created using the internet.

Solidarity and Workers' Liberty: who we are: our positive alternative, defined as against the Stalinist-influenced left.

Momentum left resists drive to purge. On Monday 23 April 2018 the Momentum group in Lewisham (south London) held its Annual General Meeting to elect a new set of officers; a rotten-block mobilisation, bringing together young Stalinists, disaffected ex-Trotskyists, and others came to the meeting on the basis of witch-hunting the hard left out of the Labour Party.

Addendum to above: answering the charge of transphobia in Lewisham Momentum.

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