Iran sugar workers strike for workers’ control

Submitted by cathy n on 13 November, 2018 - 9:17

Renewed strikes by the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company workers in Iran have taken up the demands put forward in August 2018. The August strike was suspended after management and regime officials made a number of commitments that were then not fulfilled.

On day three of the strike, 7 November, the workers warned that if the government did not "respond to their demands", "they will transfer the strike to outside the company".

"There is the day-workers’ insurance, the unpaid wages... A workers’ representative has to supervise everything, from the employer to the bottom – both their work and their behaviour... [And] the lands of Haft Tappeh [must] belong to the workers..."

Haft Tappeh is a big agro-industrial complex, including both large sugar-cane plantations and processing factories, in the south-west of Iran, near the border with Iraq.

Iranian teachers are on a second national two-day site-in strike, 13 and 14 November, following a first one on 14-15 October. The teachers' main slogan is: Health, livelihood and housing are our inalienable rights.

Solidarity with Iranian workers

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