Star says: trust the Tories, trust the League

Submitted by SJW on 30 May, 2018 - 10:39 Author: Rhodri Evans

Editorials in the Morning Star on 23 May showed what wretched depths the Star is brought to by its Europhobia.

The Morning Star, continuation of the old Stalinist lie-sheet the Daily Worker, is much faded journalistically, but still gets money from some union leaders: the 23 May issues boasts of subsidies from PCS, Unison, and Unite. It has some influence in Momentum.

No, says the first editorial, there is no risk of the return of a “hard’ Irish border. A report by MEPs has proposed a “smart border”. “Technology” can do the trick. Which is just what the Tories say.

The Star feels a need to concede that the prospective coalition government in Italy of the hard-right League and demagogic Five Star is unsavoury and “hostile to refugees”. But the main message of its second editorial is that “fundamental democratic and national [?] principle” means it should have its way.

Those who are anxious about the chauvinist coalition are so really only because it may increase public spending and dispute EU rules.
It looks now as if Italy will have a new election in August. The Star claims that the alternative to the League-Five-Star team is “an unelected technocratic regime”.

In fact the candidate for prime minister of the League and Five Star was Giuseppe Conte, not even a technocrat but an unelected law professor with a dodgy CV.

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