Organise to protest Trump visit

Submitted by SJW on 30 May, 2018 - 10:50 Author: A student activist
Dump Trump

Activists in the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts are planning to join the mass protests that will greet Trump’s arrival in the UK on 13 July.

For young people, and school and college-age students especially, Trump is a particularly menacing figure because he threatens to annihilate the future world that the young will inherit. His fight against efforts to stop climate change; his reckless nuclear grandstanding; and his support for closed borders and migrant-hunting all promise to create a darker and more dangerous world in decades to come.

In the USA, Trump’s callous disregard for the victims of school shootings and his flippant, absurd comments about arming teachers led to a movement of mass school walk outs by school students, protesting his arrogance and calling for gun controls.

We think that when Trump visits the UK, school and college students should take a lead from American young people and, where possible, organise walk outs on Friday 13 July ahead of the larger national protests on Saturday 14 July.

The movement of protest against Trump should not just be about denouncing the evils of Trump’s own politics, but about building a movement based on positive slogans, that can offer a genuine alternative to the populist right wing.

A movement that trumpets free movement, migrants’ rights, feminism, curbing the power of the rich and action to halt climate change.

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