National Committee statement 7-4-18

Submitted by AWL on 9 April, 2018 - 12:09 Author: Workers' Liberty National Committee

The National Committee of the AWL welcomes the report produced by the Working Group, and thanks its members, and the external individuals they consulted and who contributed to the production of the report, for their work on it.

This report has concluded that the AWL lacked an adequate understanding of issues and procedures around safeguarding, and were guilty of serious collective and individual failures of duty of care, on the part of some members, including, in particular, some members of our elected committees.

We place on record our regret at our collective and individual failings, at the time of the alleged incident and since, as well as our apologies to the complainant for our failure to have in place the adequate safeguarding and complaint procedures we now commit to establish.

We endorse the recommendations of the report and will work to ensure that they are implemented, in the first place by ensuring a full discussion about them throughout the organisation.

Agreed on 7-4-18

For more details of the AWL response, including the report of the Working Group please see here

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