More DOO strikes

Submitted by SJW on 14 March, 2018 - 2:07 Author: Charlotte Zalens

Guards on Southern Rail struck again on Monday 12 March in the ongoing dispute about Driver Only Operation (DOO).
This strike was the 40th day of strikes for guards on Southern.

Guards on Northern and Merseyrail also struck on 3 March. 13 March marks the year anniversary of the Merseyrail strike. On the anniversary of the strike guards′ union, RMT, is lobbying the Merseyside Labour Metro Mayor. Due to the contract that Merseyrail has with the City Council the council has been repaying Merseyrail any losses incurred from the strike.

The RMT said in a press release: “RMT has learned that the vast majority of Labour councillors have not been told by the senior council leaders that their local authorities are bankrolling this private, cash rich train company. It is an absolute scandal that just as councillors are agonising over budget cuts; all six local authorities are exposed to an unknown amount of liability simply in order to write the Merseyrail bosses a blank cheque.″

More strikes have been confirmed on Northern for 26-29 March.

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