Trans women arrested in Aceh

Submitted by Matthew on 14 February, 2018 - 8:49 Author: Peggy Carter

On 27 January, 12 trans women were arrested in Aceh province in Indonesia and made to undergo a “re-education programme”. They were subjected to beatings, had their hair forcibly cut, were stripped and forced to wear men′s clothes, and otherwise humiliated.

Trans women are reportedly fleeing the province, an area with an autonomous status meaning it can have some of its own laws, including on homosexuality. Many run beauty salons which have been shut fearing a wave of attacks after far-right and Islamist organisations put out calls for regular Friday protests to ″cleanse the province″.

The attacks on LGBT+ people are not confined to Aceh. There has been an ongoing campaign against LGBT+ people all over Indonesia. In April and May last year 150 gay and bisexual men were arrested and two young men publicly flogged.

The Indonesian parliament is currently considering proposals to criminalise gay sex, and all extramarital sex.

• Indonesian LGBT+ organisation G.A.Y.a Nusantara is fundraising. You can donate to the fundraiser here

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