Deliveroo strikes go global

Submitted by Gemma_S on 1 February, 2018 - 9:23 Author: Gemma Short
Deliveroo strikers in Brussels

Deliveroo workers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Hong Kong have all been on strike in recent weeks.

Deliveroo workers in Hong Kong stopped work on Monday 22 January and protested at Deliveroo′s Hong Kong office. Deliveroo in Hong Kong had previously paid workers by the hour rather than by delivery, giving them a stable and predictable salary.

Workers had previously set the hours they were available for work and would be paid for those hours, apart from a meal break. However Deliveroo plans to change the system so that they can decide how many workers are needed at a time, reducing the number of workers ″online″ at non-peak hours. Workers estimate they will lose about three to five hours work a day.

Deliveroo has also introduced a penalty system which will be used to evaluate workers’ performance. Workers fear Deliveroo will use this to reduce their working hours and wages.

Workers in the Netherlands have been on strike since 20 January as Deliveroo plans to make them ″self-employed″ from 1 February. Deliveroo workers in Brussels occupied the company′s headquarters for three days over the same issue have been striking every Saturday since Saturday 13 January.

On Saturday 27 January workers from the Netherlands joined those in Belgium for a demonstration in central Brussels.

In Germany Deliveroo and Foodora (a similar food delivery app) protested in front of their company headquarters demanding the companies pay for repairs for bikes used for work.

• Find out more: The Riders Union (Netherlands), Collectif des Coursieres (Belgium):

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