Shut down Yarl’s Wood!

Submitted by cathy n on 24 November, 2017 - 9:20 Author: Tony Johns

Hundreds attended a demonstration outside Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre on 18 November to show solidarity with the women detainees.

Many ex-detainees spoke about their plight, and a PA system was linked to the mobiles of detainees. They were able to speak movingly of their situation, despite obvious intimidation from the guards.

Detainees stuck up notices and waved towels and blankets at their windows.

The crowd made a thunderous noise, which, I was told, could be heard miles away, as we all repeatedly kicked against the fence . The fence shuddered but unfortunately did not fall. All in all it was a very good demo, and the women are really pleased that we on the outside are rooting for them.

Controversy continues about the group organising these events, Movement for Justice by any Means Necessary, and the Revolutionary Internationalist League which is the core group behind the MFJ. Although formally Trotskyist, the RIL seem to be Maoist, sectarian and “cultish” and against Labour and any form of Parliamentary involvement.

However these demonstrations, which have done a great deal to boost the morale of detainees, should continue to be supported.

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