Democracy review details emerge

Submitted by Matthew on 8 November, 2017 - 12:28

Labour has officially launched a democracy review. Jeremy Corbyn says he wants the party to become a “movement” and to boost the involvement of previously marginalised groups.

The first deadline of the review is 12 January. At this point it will consider the roles of BAME Labour, Young Labour, and the National Women’s conference.

The second phase covers the governance of Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), the role of socialist societies, improving diversity and gender representation, strengthening participation, recruitment and social media.

The third phase covers elections of the leader, composition of the National Executive Committee, regional structures, freeze dates, policy process including CLP motions, local government, and the trade union link.

The review will seek submissions from CLPs, affiliated unions, other affiliated organisations and the Parliamentary Labour Party and individual members. Submissions to the review will be received by an email and online hub as well as by post.

There will be a consultation event held in each region and a member of the review team will visit party units, CLPs and other organisations to observe best practice.

The Momentum Member’s Council meeting on 2 December will discuss how a, “broad range of voices from across Momentum and the Labour Party can help create and discuss proposals from the various areas of focus within the review.”

Workers’ Liberty will work with others in the coming weeks to develop proposals for the review. In the first instance we will refer people to the “A Living Breathing Party” submission to the 2011 Labour Party Democracy taskforce.

Previous reviews have effectively ignored all submissions. We hope this review is genuinely participatory and also looks and engages with the submissions it receives. In the coming weeks we may need to apply pressure to ensure this happens.

The whole process should end by 29 June, with the review panel set to launch a report at Labour Party Conference 2018.

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