Royal Mail workers to ballot for secure future

Submitted by cathy n on 21 September, 2017 - 1:18 Author: Peggy Carter
Postal workers

Workers in Royal Mail are being balloted by their union, the CWU, over pensions, pay, and job security.

The dispute has four main demands: an end to the two-tier pension system, and for a decent pension for all; a shorter full-time working week of 35 hours with no loss of pay to mitigate the effects of automation on work; union agreements extended longer than 2018; no two-tiered workforce in order to achieve Royal Mail′s plan to have 9-5 delivery; a decent pay rise and no introduction of future pay awards linked to the company′s success and efficiency savings that year.

Royal Mail made £712 million in operating profit alone in the last year alone, and has been making year-on-year payouts to its shareholders, but are only offering workers a £250 lump sum pay increase. Royal Mail can afford to pay its workers a better wage.

Royal Mail is also trying to make changes to agreements signed by the union in 2013 which are not due for review yet. The company wants to break up or sell off parts of the business, introduce the use of zero-hour contracts, introduce more owner-drivers who are effectively self employed, and look to make redundancies.

The CWU has materials on its website for both workers and members of the public to use to support the ballot.

More information from the CWU

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