Zanon tour: Factories without bosses

Submitted by Anon on 29 January, 2006 - 11:13

The Zanon tile factory in Neuquen is one of many “recovered” factories in Argentina – factories taken over and run by the workers. Faced with pay cuts and redundancies – and then no pay at all – the Zanon workers occupied and began to run the factory. They are coming to Britain to discuss their experience with activists here.

Despite several attempted evictions, the workers, supported by their local community and allies have held out and even managed to dramatically increase production, sales and jobs.

Alongside all this they publish Nuestra Lucha (Our Struggle) – a newspaper of the occupied factories and workers in struggle – and play a key role in uniting and providing a political direction to the occupied workplaces, worker, indigenous and unemployed movements.

Come and hear their story! The visit is being hosted by the Argentina Solidarity Campaign and No Sweat

Jose Julian Pununari from Zanon will be speaking at these meetings:

Sunday 12 February: Reception: at 6.00 at the Bread and Roses, 68a Clapham Manor Street, Clapham, South London. All welcome.

Monday 13: Speaking at Oxford University (12.30, contact: 07950 216 692) and Brighton in the evening (7.30, at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road, contact: 07904 431 959)

Tuesday 14: Speaking at Manchester University, 5.00, Stopford Bldg, Lecture Theatre 4, Humanities, contact: 07946 460 778

Wednesday 15: Speaking in Cambridge (12.30 in the Bramwell Lounge, University Sports and Social Club, Mill Lane, contact: 07764 498 410) and in London in the evening.

The London meeting will be at the Rex cinema, Soho, and will include film showings of the Naomi Klein/Avi Lewis film on the recovered factory movement in Argentina, The Take. Tickets available online at

Thursday 16: Speaking at lunchtime at Sheffield University (1.00 at the Students' Union, contact 07886 399 683) and in York (5.15 at the University, contact: 07814 896 517)

Friday 17: Speaking at lunchtime at Leeds University (1.00 in the conference room in the ARC, in the students' union, contact: 07740 009199)

In addition the film, The Take, is being shown at 6.00 on Monday 13 February at Sheffield University Student Union.

More details: contact No Sweat:

Student anti-sweatshop week of action

Saturday 11 - Saturday 18 Feb 2006

No Sweat and Students Against Sweatshops will be co-ordinating actions, discussions, film shows, alternative fashion events and during the first ever national week of action against sweatshops, 11-18 February 2006. This will run alongside the Zanon speaker tour. The week of action is being backed by the National Union of Students (NUS). NUS is affiliated to No Sweat.

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