A workers’ plan for the crisis

Submitted by Anon on 12 September, 2008 - 11:55

1. Nationalise the entire system of banks and financial institutions, without compensation for the bosses and under democratic control.

2. Reverse cuts and privatisation; tax the rich to rebuild the NHS, education etc. as public services under workers’ and service-users’ control.

3. Resist the job cuts. Jobs for all: a shorter working week, maximum 35 hours, without loss of pay; expand public services; nationalise firms declaring mass redundancies.

4. The labour movement should calculate its own, realistic, inflation figure and demand, as a minimum, that wages, pensions and benefits are inflation-proofed; benefits that are enough to live on; a minimum wage of £8.80 an hour without exemptions. Phase out VAT etc; cut taxes for the least well off; tax the rich.

5. No evictions. A big programme of council house building and confiscation of empty/unused properties to provide cheap, quality housing for all.

6. Open the books of the corporations! Fight for workers’ control at every level of the economy. Nationalise the giant industrial and service companies

7. Nationalise energy and transport; use their profits to bring down energy bills; make local transport free and reduce other fares; invest in public transport and renewables and convert polluting industries as part of a worker-led transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

8. Scrap the anti-union laws; a positive charter of workers’ rights. Support workers defying the law. Fight for civil liberties and democracy: abolish the monarchy and the House of Lords, all representatives should be recallable and paid a worker’s wage.

9. Organise workers regardless of immigration status, as part of the fight for open borders. Mass mobilisation against the far right and the social decay on which it feeds.

10. Fight for women’s liberation: demand equal pay without compromise; expanded abortion rights; free, universal childcare, well-funded services and other demands to make equality real.

11. Unite with workers across Europe and the world to fight for a levelling up of wages, conditions and rights; for a Workers’ United Europe.

12. Organise the unorganised, including young, contracted out and precarious workers. Organise the unemployed. Union officials should be elected annually and paid a worker’s wage; decisions on industrial action made by elected strike committees. Rebuild Trades Councils.

The unions must fight to impose their demands on the Labour government — not advise or lobby Brown, but confront him politically! Rally the activists to build a movement for independent working-class representation, as the basis for a new workers’ party. Its aim should be a workers’ government — a government based on mass working-class mobilisation and accountable to the labour movement, which serves our class as the Tories and New Labour have served the rich, and reshapes society in the interests of people, not profit.

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