Why so irate?

Submitted by Matthew on 10 December, 2014 - 11:35 Author: Colin Foster

Duncan Morrison's complaint (Solidarity 344) about Jon Lansman's column (343) seemed to be that Lansman implied we should push motions praising Ed Miliband, and wasn't really anti-cuts (since anti-cuts was mentioned only in the headline).

But now (Solidarity 345) Duncan says only that Lansman's column was bland. Why the irate complaint, then?

In 1994 and 1992, we had no choice about whether there was a Labour leader election, because the predecessor had died or resigned. But, if not, at both times we would have disliked a whispering campaign by right-wing Labour MPs to get Smith or Kinnock to resign in favour of a more right-wing leader (Blair or Smith).

Are left leader candidacies possible in today's Labour Party? Yes, there is one right now in the Scottish Labour Party, which is in a worse state than the English.

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