What we do - solidarity

Submitted by Anon on 5 March, 2006 - 12:25

The AWL and its predecessors campaigned for solidarity with workers' movements in the Eastern Bloc. We've always backed workers against bureaucrats - for example in the early 1980s we made solidarity with Polish workers and supported their call for a boycott of Polish goods when others on the left hesitated.

We supported individuals like the mineworker Vladimir Klebanov, who was shut up in a psychiatric hospital for trying to organise for independent unions in Russia.

In 1987 we organised the Campaign for Solidarity with Workers in the Eastern Bloc (CSWEB) to solidarise with workers under Stalinism. In 1990 CSWEB organised the first conference of socialists and trade unionists from Eastern Europe in Britain. It was attended by 400 people.

Further reading
Workers' Liberty book The Fate of the Russian Revolution edited by Sean Matgamna.

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