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Submitted by Anon on 25 September, 2005 - 5:08

From the proposals about trade-union activity to be discussed at the AWL conference this weekend, 29-30 April:

AWLers in the trade unions have to be able to demonstrate that they have the answers to the basic industrial issues confronting union members. But it is vital that those who we are working with do not see us as the best trade unionists but as the best socialists who in consequence are the best trade unionists. There is no other way of persuading someone to make the move from working with us as a good trade unionist to joining us as a socialist.

This requires having a consistent, clear, visible political direction to our trade-union activity. “Politics” means not just motions on Iraq or such issues in union branches - though those are important - but also a clear, coherent, class line on industrial issues. The AWLers in each union or industry should make sure that they are visible in its union and sector as the advocate of such a class line, which in the present situation revolves around two main themes, levelling up pay and conditions and organising the unorganised.

AWL union fractions should produce regular bulletins (i.e. not just at conferences), even if on a modest scale and mostly made up of material also utilised in the paper.

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