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Submitted by Anon on 25 September, 2005 - 5:08

On Saturday 1 October the AWL begins a series of nationally-organised political day schools for our members, sympathisers, and friends. To organise these schools was one of the major decisions of our 2005 AWL conference, held in May.

With the evaporation of the anti-war movement, the fact that the “new anti-capitalist movement” remains much more a diffuse mood than a “movement”, the continuing relatively low level of trade-union activism, and the liquidation of the Socialist Alliance, AWL members do not have a tidily-presented, conveniently-organised milieu to slot our political activity into.

There are lots of people interested in revolutionary politics: but they are scattered in a wide variety of places, and will often have a million questions to discuss before they are ready to move on from episodic “actions” to organised movement-building, let alone to becoming organised revolutionary Marxist activists.

Reaching out to them means AWLers have to develop a higher level of individual initiative and ideological “wattage” than would be necessary if we could slot ourselves tidily as a left-wing current into a broader movement. It means educating ourselves enough that each AWL member can become a radiant centre for spreading ideas, provoking thought, and encouraging mobilisation in their workplace, their neighbourhood, or their college, and on the streets.

The day schools are for all AWLers, not just for new members, and open to all friends of the AWL. For the details, see www.workersliberty.org or phone 020 7207 3997.

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