What are we fighting for?

Submitted by AWL on 6 April, 2003 - 7:13

Although information is sketchy, it seems that a number of British troops in Iraq have been sent home for questioning the conduct of the war. It is not the first time that serving soldiers have been
disciplined for refusing to obey orders.

In the Gulf war of 1991 Vic Williams, a gunner stationed in Germany, deserted from his regiment in protest at what he saw was a conflict over oil. He spoke at several large anti-war demos before being court-martialled and jailed.
In 1966, three American GIs (the Fort Hood Three) were imprisoned for two years for resisting being shipped out to Vietnam. The US anti-war movement helped organise a defence committee for them.

We too should do whatever we can to gain a hearing amongst ordinary servicemen and wbomen, in the first instance by standing up for their right to free speech.

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