“We are not going back”

Submitted by AWL on 24 June, 2015 - 7:47 Author: Hugh Edwards

Earlier this month hundreds of migrants made their way, against state resistance, to the Italian-French border town of Ventimiglia, aiming to get into France.

The French authorities, like the Swiss, the Austrians and the Hungarians have denied them entry.

But the migrants have had enough of being at the mercy of an increasingly warring collection of chauvinists. They refused to budge from the town , occupying the rocky shore of the little nearby locality, Ponte San Ludovico.

Their courage and determination brought solidarity action not just from political organisations, trade unionists and social centres from Ventimiglia, but also from socialist and radical groups across the border in France.

All united to drive off a gaggle of fascists and vermin from Lega Nord. On 20 June they marched in a militant demonstration behind the banner of “Open the Borders” through Ventimiglia, arm-in-arm with the migant families and workers. Their courage and dignity shows that solidarity in itself is not enough if a free and united workers Europe is to be had.

A fight for the united political action of Europe’s workers for the overthrow of the capitalist system must be on the agenda of every serious battle ahead.

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