Watch Out - Fascists About!

Submitted by AWL on 4 March, 2007 - 9:47

You may remember last year Off The Rails reported on the setting up of ‘Solidarity’, a union for “patriotic and nationalist British workers” run by well-known BNPers. It held its first annual meeting at an undisclosed London venue on 24th February.

The BNP has always been at pains to pretend that Solidarity is an ‘independent’ union, not linked to any political party. It even wrote a letter to the Communication Workers Union denouncing an article in its journal claiming that Solidarity was a scab fascist union. But in a recent newspaper article the BNP's national treasurer John Walker let slip that Solidarity would have a fundraising role and that "there will probably be a political levy to the BNP at some stage, just as other unions raise money for Labour," he stated.

Enough said.

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