Victims' families speak out

Submitted by martin on 17 March, 2004 - 10:19

No more lies!

We reproduce a statement signed by 'The Families of the victims of the 11 March', delivered at 2am to the demonstration on 14 March. It appears in Spanish on the website of El Militante, a group linked to Socialist Appeal in Britain.
The families of the victims of the bombing are furious at the government's manipulation of the facts of this crime.

We consider ETA a group of assassins and gunmen and think their members should be judged accordingly, but to assign to them a crime they did not commit only strengthens them.

Everyone knew from the first hours of 11 March that the bombing had been carried out by the terrorist group al-Qaida. To try to make Spanish people believe that this had nothing to do with the war in Iraq is shameful, manipulative and a deception, especially at election time and moreover is cruel to those of us directly affected.

To have concealed this information is an act so grave that it has no precedent in the history of Spanish democracy and adds fury to our immense pain.

No more blood!
No more manipulation!
No more lies!

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