US to back military coup in Iraq?

Submitted by AWL on 19 October, 2006 - 2:36

The news agency UPI has reported on plans for a US-backed military coup in Iraq.

It seems unlikely that the US will turn these plans into action in the near future, if only because the Iraqi army is still too weak and fragile to be an instrument of military rule. But that plans exist is very plausible, given all the recent statements from top US political figures about stability being the priority in Iraq, not democracy.

Another news agency reports: "the Bush administration has asked the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to issue an unconditional amnesty to Sunni Muslim insurgents, prominent Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman told the Associated Press. He is a confidante of Jalal Talabani, the country's president". Coup plans would presumably involve a deal with the Sunni-supremacist "resistance" forces (or some of them), integrating them into the army and giving their chiefs leading positions.

A military coup, especially one carried out in league with some of the "resistance" leaders, would almost certainly, "in passing", snuff out the limited space that now exists in Iraq for a labour movement to be active and visible. Socialists outside Iraq should redouble their solidarity with the beleaguered Iraqi labour movement.

Here is the UPI report:

Iraqi army officers are reportedly planning to stage a military coup with U.S. help to oust the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Cairo-based Iraqi and Arab sources said Monday several officers visited Washington recently for talks with U.S. officials on plans for replacing Maliki's administration by a "national salvation" government with the mission to re-establish security and stability in Iraq.

One Iraqi source told United Press International that the Iraqi army officers' visit to the United States was aimed at coordinating the military coup in case the efforts of Maliki's government to restore order reached a dead end.

He said among the prominent officers were the deputy chief of staff, a Muslim Shiite, the intelligence chief, a Sunni, and the commander of the air force, a Kurd. It is believed the three would constitute the nucleus of the next government after the army takes over power.

The proposed plan, according to the source, stipulates that the new Iraqi army, with the assistance of U.S. forces, will take control of power, suspend the constitution, dissolve parliament and form a new government. The military will also take direct control of the various provinces and the administration after imposing a state of emergency.

An Arab source also told UPI that certain Arab countries were informed of the plan and requested to offer their help in convincing the former leaders of the deposed Baath Party regime residing in their countries to refrain from obstructing the move and stop violence perpetrated by the party in Iraq. In return, they will be invited to participate in the government at a later stage.

Washington is becoming increasingly impatient with the failure of Maliki's government in quelling sectarian violence threatening to plunge Iraq in an all-out civil war.

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