Union busting dispute enters second year

Submitted by Anon on 9 February, 2005 - 6:42

Workers at the PT Sarasa Nugraha factory in Indonesia are entering their second year of a dispute over union busting.

Workers belonging to the Enterprise Level Trade Union (SPTP) attempted to negotiate higher wages at the beginning of 2004. The company’s management became increasingly uncooperative, closing the factory in February 2004.

Management offered severance pay to the workers of only 25% of the amount stipulated by law and offered employment to the workers only as new employees, taking away any seniority or benefits they held before the closure.

With the help of an international campaign, the workers won the re-opening of the factory and reached an agreement with management in October last year, including reinstatement of 841 workers and recognition of the union. However the new management has not implemented the agreement.

More info: www.campaignforlaborrights.org

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