Union action against Birmingham fascist “victor”

Submitted by Anon on 16 May, 2006 - 12:04

The BNP “won” its first seat on Birmingham City Council due to a mistake which led to tellers counting BNP votes twice in Kingstanding ward.

The mistake only came to light after the returning officer had declared BNPer Sharon Ebanks the winner. Amazingly, under election law a candidate is legally elected once a returning officer announces the fact, even if a mistake has been made.

So, despite the fact that the seat was really won by Labour, Ebanks has taken her seat on the council and will be claiming her £15,000 per year allowance.

Protests have already been organised outside the Council House (see above picture) and members of Unison and the other council unions are discussing the possibility of boycotting Ebanks.

The Labour Party, supported by the City Council itself, will attempt to get the result overtuned in the High Court, but this could take months or even years: meanwhile the Ebanks will be able to spread her racist filth from the Council Chamber unless the unions take direct action against her.

Jim Denham

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