TUC Congress to discuss women's rights in Iraq

Submitted by Janine on 10 September, 2005 - 7:37

The Communication Workers' Union (CWU) has submitted the following resolution to TUC Congress, to be held in Brighton from 12th to 15th September.

Women's Rights in Iraq

Congress notes the draft Iraqi Constitution that was issued on the 23rd August and will now be subject to a national referendum.

Congress expresses its deepest concern over the proposed restrictions on women's civil rights due to the inclusion of provisions for religious codes within the draft Constitution, including Sharia law. Congress further condemns the current and continuing rape, kidnapping and murder of women in Iraq for not conforming to religious social codes. Congress is concerned that the proscribed role for women in Iraqi society proposed in the draft Constitution will hinder the development and organisation of Iraqi women trade unionists.

Congress is also concerned that the recent Decree 875 issued by the Iraqi Council of Ministers seeks to overturn previous decisions regarding trade union rights. Congress believes the issue of trade union freedom is vital for the future of Iraq and particularly for the future of working women.

Therefore Congress calls on the General Council to:

  • work with all the trade union federations in Iraq including the IFTU, FWCUI, and GUOE and other relevant organisations to defend working women's rights in Iraq
  • campaign within the UK to highlight the issue of the restrictions on women's role in Iraqi society arising from any acceptance of the Constitution
  • work with women's groups in Iraq such as the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq to publicise their concerns
  • lobby the UK Government about the restrictions on trade union freedom arising from decree 875.

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