Tube strike: the next steps

Submitted by Anon on 15 January, 2006 - 11:57

By Sacha Ismail (wrongly attributed to a different author in the printed Solidarity

We need a reps meeting as soon as possible to plan our next steps.

LUL has not backed down - there is every indication that Ken Livingstone and sections of management are digging in to give the union a kicking - so we need to step things up.

It will be much harder to keep the system running during sustained action than during one-day walkouts.

As well as further strikes, we should pile on the pressure with an overtime ban as soon as possible. The union should also name days when members will refuse to do revenue duties and allow passengers to travel for free. This will hit the company where it hurts - in the tills - and help us regain vital public support.

Most importantly, we need rank-and-file control of the dispute, so that we can insist on the support, leadership and information that we need but so far have got only partially.

Workers' Liberty's Tubeworker bulletin, which we distributed hundreds of in the run up to and during both strikes, has proved vital in getting this dispute on the road, as well as in providing support to activists. The commentary and ideas we provide in Tubeworker could be essential to whether the union wins, so AWL supporters should redouble their efforts to get it out.

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