Tories threaten deep cuts to welfare

Submitted by Matthew on 2 April, 2015 - 10:35 Author: Matthew Thompson

The Tories have threatened to cut the welfare budget by £12 billion in the first two years of the next Parliament if they win the General Election in May.

The already announced plan to extend Universal Credit to all working-age claimants by the end of 2017 would save the Government around £2.5 billion, assuming that the deadline doesn't slip beyond then as it now looks likely that it will. So what other benefits have the Tories got in their sights?

Ideas being discussed by ministers and senior civil servants at the Department for Work and Pensions apparently include:

* Means-testing and taxing benefits paid to disabled people and their carers, saving up to £2.5 billion a year

* Scrapping industrial injuries benefits and replacing them with a compulsory compensation scheme paid for by employers, saving around £1 billion a year

* Replacing the benefit cap, currently £26,000 a year, with regional ones which would be lower outside London

* Limiting Child Benefit to the first two children, saving another £1 billion a year

* Abolishing Council Tax Support and replacing it with a lower amount paid as part of Universal Credit

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