Thugs attack Zanon workers

Submitted by Anon on 22 March, 2005 - 12:55

Workers at the Zanon factory in Argentina are appealing for solidarity after a series of attacks by thugs. The Argentina Solidarity Campaign reports that in February the wife of a Zanon worker was abducted by four men and suffered a beating and verbal threats before being released to “give the union the message”.

This is not an isolated event — there have been threats against a judge who is acting in the case of Pepe Alveal, a young Zanon worker who lost his left eye as a result of police violence during an unemployment organisation meeting last October. Alejandro Gómez and Raúl Godoy, officers of the Neuquén Ceramic Workers Trade Union (SOECN), have received death threats.

The Zanon Ceramics Factory in Neuquén has been run by its workers for more than three years. The workers have managed not only to keep their own jobs, but also to create many new jobs. They have strong links with the local Mapuche people and with the local community. Their struggle has become a beacon to workers throughout Argentina, especially to those in workplaces run by workers themselves.

Workers organised a rally of 2,000 people on 4 March and plan to hold a provincial general strike. The Argentina Solidarity Campaign is asking for messages of solidarity sent to

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