Thai Labour Solidarity Committee

Submitted by Anon on 20 February, 2005 - 3:55

Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC), made up of 26 labor organisations including trade unions, labour federations and congresses and NGOs, is receiving donations from its members and the public to help affected workers from the tsunami in Thailand.

The TLSC is working with the Phuket Federation of Hotel and Service Labour (PHSL) in surveying the number of workers who need help.

After visiting the affected areas, the TLSC set up the Mobile Assistance Centre (MAC) in Phuket to assist affected workers. Also, the team was set up to survey the number of deaths, injured and unemployed with the objective of coordinating with government and private agencies to offer long-term assistance.

For information visit the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung website or the Thai Labour Campaign website.

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