Tesco Workers Fight Back

Submitted by Anon on 25 September, 2005 - 3:36

At the session on partnership Mick Duncan of the T&G described how British bosses today feel they can get away with super-exploitation and this makes the quietism of trade unions today — which goes under the heading of “partnership” so dangerous. USDAW members from Tesco described their experience of “partnership” — it is not good… The Tesco “partnership” deal has been in place for eight years. At first 70 reps were involved in negotiating the wage deal. Then, after those reps refused to acquiesce to a pay deal, the negotiating team shrunk to four. Now ordinary union reps have no say in negotiations. And Tescos will no longer even do what USDAW had seen as the benefits of partnership —collect the union dues. Everything today said one Tesco worker is about “comply and complain, but when you complain you get nothing. People are turning away from USDAW.”

It was agreed to produce a special campaign page highlighting the the issues facing Tesco workers in the next issue of Solidarity.


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