Take Back Control

Submitted by AWL on 30 November, 2016 - 12:45 Author: Attila the Stockbroker

Janine Booth’s pick of news-related poetry is this by Attila the Stockbroker.

You tell me how you’ve suffered since the closure.
I see the pain and sadness in your eyes.
I feel your anger at our country’s leaders
Who offer only platitudes and lies.
At gigs I hear so many of these stories.
All different, but the message is the same.
You’re sick to death of scheming politicians.
No longer going to play their poxy game.

The referendum was your chance. You took it.
They told you we’d be taking back control.
Control of jobs and factories and borders:
A revolution wrapped up in a poll.
The EU is a ghastly corporate bully.
Cheap labour and big profits at its core.
I understand why you voted for Brexit:
One chance to strike a blow in the class war.

But it wasn’t the EU who shut your pit down
And sent Met thugs rampaging through your street.
They didn’t close your hospitals and workshops
Smash down your union to brave defeat.
No EU diktat caused the housing crisis
The poll tax, bedroom tax or zero hours.
No, all of these were brought in by the Tories -
And soon those bastards will have brand new powers.

So let’s take back control with strong trade unions
And let’s take back control and organise
Take back control of pub and school and workplace
And counter all the endless media lies.
Take back control as we all stand together
No scapegoating and no divide and rule.
The future is unwritten, and it’s daunting.
Please don’t let Farage take you for a fool.

• Attila the Stockbroker

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