Tail-ending Khomeini

Submitted by Anon on 30 June, 2006 - 4:05

Socialist Worker (28 October 1978) compared Khomeini to Father Gapon to justify their tail ending.

“It is almost as though the masses have seized on a tradition that is embodied in their history — the tradition of religious opposition – the one thing they know is common to all, understood by all, and hammered this religion of theirs into a mighty weapon, that has nothing to do with godliness, or holiness and everything to do with mass power.” (Joanna Rollo, Iran: Beginning of a Revolution, SWP pamphlet)

“We have already explained what really lies behind this mass movement and had nonsensical it is to characterise it as a religious movement. Regardless of whatever force that may be at its head and despite whatever demands through which it may express itself, the mass movement has absolutely nothing to do with religion of any kind, let alone a reactionary one.” Saber Nickbin, Iran: The Unfolding Revolution, IMG pamphlet)

IMG leader Brian Grogan boasted of chanting “Allah Akhbar” on a demonstration in Tehran, justifying it on the grounds that it meant the people were stronger than the Shah’s army.

In December 1978 The Campaign against Repression in Iran (CARI) in Birmingham issued a leaflet denouncing “Down with the mullahs” as a reactionary slogan. In March 1979 CARI changed its name because “the tasks of the solidarity movement are different” (Socialist Challenge 29 March 1979)

“Socialist do not fight against religion. We don’t think the fight in Iran is between the Marxists and the Muslims”. (Intercontinental Press/Inprecor 17 September 1979)

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