Support for No Sweat grows

Submitted by Anon on 16 April, 2004 - 8:37

Support for No Sweat continues to grow around the country...

The university lecturers' union, the AUT, passed policy on sweatshops and in support of the No Sweat campaign at its recent conference.

The AUT's policy notes that "Production based on the repression of labour, such as that carried on in special export zones, provides an increasing share of the goods consumed in the West. Such goods are being purchased by higher education institutions as well as individuals.

"… At present in some North American universities, student and staff demands have secured the adoption of 'no sweat' policies in regard to university suppliers.

"… In the UK, 'No Sweat' is the group that has done the most extensive anti-sweatshop organising of both students and trade unions. The AUT will publicise the 'No Sweat' campaign [and] help ensure, in collaboration with students unions and other campus unions, that their own institutions pursue a policy of ethical purchasing."

Women's TUC

The Women's TUC conference met recently in Eastbourne and passed policy on globalisation which included support for No Sweat. The Women's TUC is now committed to call on the TUC to "organise solidarity with women organising against sweatshop conditions worldwide and [to] work with the No Sweat campaign."

No Sweat also held a successful fringe meeting in Eastbourne.

National Union of Students

The NUS annual conference backed No Sweat.

Scottish Socialist Party

The Scottish Socialist Party, which met over the weekend of 27-28 March in Edinburgh passed policy which "calls on the SSP to both initiate and support more anti-capitalist activity within Scotland. Specifically to support and promote democratically run anti-capitalist campaigns such as No Sweat and the Clean Clothes campaign, all of which have done much to improve workers conditions in factories in developing countries. Such campaigns can also gain access and support that can be difficult for political parties to achieve e.g. in schools."

The final sentence refers to a campaign currently being run by No Sweat and SSP members in Edinburgh which opposes Adidas's attempts to advertise themselves through the school system.

No Sweat fringe meeting at NUT conference

Speakers: Ewa Jasiewicz - activist who spent six months in Palestine and eight months in Iraq where she worked with Trade Unions, families, Voices in the Wilderness, human rights groups and refugees
and Wendelin from the Chinese Federation of Labour (Taiwan)
Plus a speaker from No Sweat

1.15, Sunday 11 April at the
Moat House Hotel, Harrogate.

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