Support Migrant Workers

Submitted by Off The Rails on 15 June, 2007 - 4:53

There are thousands of migrant workers on the railway, from cleaners to track workers. Most are under-paid and super-exploited, often working for dodgy contractors who use them to undermine other workers. But the answer is not for longer-serving, native British workers to resent African or Eastern European migrants or try to drive them out, but to unite with them, helping them to organise, to join our unions, and to win more pay, better conditions and real job security.

The 'No Sweat' campaign has produced an excellent pamphlet, Solidarity With Migrant Workers. Both practical and political, it is bursting with facts about immigrants, many of which help to challenge the prejudices against them. It also gives detailed reports on successful efforts to unionise migrant workers.

The pamphlet’s theme is that solidarity and unity are the key. Rather than allowing bosses and right-wing politicians and newspapers to turn native and immigrant workers against each other, we need to unite for a better deal for all. The No Sweat pamphlet is an indispensable tool for activists who want to take up this challenge.

RMT has mailed a copy to all its branches, and Off The Rails hopes that this will prompt some discussion and organising efforts. We also hope the other unions will use the pamphlet too.

Download it From the No Sweat website, or if you take out a subscription to Off The Rails, we'll send you a free copy.

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