Strikers thwart bosses

Submitted by Anon on 16 August, 2005 - 10:27

Ansa Logistics, a firm which delivers Ford cars to showrooms, has been hit by a strike by 350 staff over pay and reduncancies.

The company, which delivers 300,000 cars a year, was fortunately thwarted in its contingency plan to get cars to showrooms, due to the “disappearance” of their keys. 2000 cars which the bosses had planned to deliver instead remained in the safety of depots in Avonmouth and Liverpool. While the Avonmouth keys were eventually “found”, those missing from Liverpool are still at large.

Ansa’s website claims that the reason that the T&G so unwilling to accept redundancies is that workers’ thinking is “stuck in the 1970s”. The bosses are also resentful of union influence in their company, denouncing having to negotiate with unions as a “restrictive practice”.

The bosses’ website set up for the dispute ( also points out that Ansa is a “professionally-managed, well-directed company”.

This self-promotion is matched by their attack on workers for “intimidation of relief drivers”, which goes unsubstantiated — “because giving graphic details of such issues leads to more lurid press coverage”.

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