Strike ballot over sacking

Submitted by Anon on 10 September, 2006 - 12:51

Tube drivers on the Jubilee Line are to be balloted for industrial action because of the unbelievably unfair sacking of a colleague.

Raj Nathvani is a RMT member with driving experience of over eight and a half years and an exemplary safety record. Despite this he was sacked after he reported he had overrun a signal — and did not follow procedures exactly.

This overlooks the fact there are other drivers who made similar mistakes, learnt from them and are still driving today.

London Underground breached their own procedures by refusing him a union rep until his actual disciplinary hearing and also collated evidence against him in the form of casual emails from other staff members.

Yet more overreaction from Jubilee management came when they put the RMT Neasden Branch Secretary and Wembley Park industrial rep on a gross misconduct charge for a minor incident when driving an empty train.

Les Bruty is being disciplined for a procedure that is used daily by Jubilee Line drivers and without which trains would never leave the depot.

These two colleagues are the latest victims of LUL's determination to instill a regime of fear amongst its workforce and reinstate the blame culture that the unions like the RMT have spent years trying to eliminate.

A special meeting was held for members of all LUL unions on 24 August was by all accounts a great show of unified opposition.

Firefighters strike over job cuts

On Thursday 31 August 1,000 firefighters across Merseyside started a strike over planned job cuts. As we go to press the strike continues. The Fire Brigades Union has accused the fire authority of planning to cut 120 posts. That is they say a cut of one in 10 of the workforce. the cuts also include 15 emergency control operator posts and the introduction of a new shift system.

The FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack accused Merseyside Fire Authority of provoking today’s action as part of a “union-busting” strategy.

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