Stop the expulsions of Socialist Appeal supporters!

Submitted by Matthew on 8 June, 2016 - 12:51

A number of Workers’ Liberty supporters have been expelled from the Labour Party, by an unaccountable factional hit squad — the “Compliance Unit”.

Some have been reinstated after a fight, some told there is nothing doing and they must wait five years, and some are yet to hear back on their appeals. We are fighting for all of them to be readmitted.
Now the Compliance Unit has expelled some supporters of another socialist group, Socialist Appeal.

The Compliance Unit is always coming with new justifications. Whereas they told our most recent expellees that the “programme and principles” of the AWL are not compatible with membership of the Labour Party, the Socialist Appeal comrades have been told that their organisation is “ineligible for affiliation to the Labour Party” — without saying who decided this or explaining why this means SA members must be kicked out.

We have major differences with Socialist Appeal, but that it not relevant here.

We demand their comrades’ reinstatement, and hope to work with them to fight against and end all exclusion of socialists, organised or not, from the party.

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