Solidarity with Iranian students

Submitted by AWL on 25 November, 2002 - 3:21

By Workers Left Unity Iran

Since 9 November Iranian students have been demonstrating for the release of all political prisoners and against a death sentence passed on a reformist Islamist academic, Aghajar. The demonstrations started when a group of about 500 students set a fire outside the Tehran University". On Monday 11th some 3,000 students gathered at Tehran University, 2,000 joined protests in Oroumiyeh and the Universities of Hamadan, Kerman, Isfahan and Tabriz held similar gatherings. By Tuesday a boycott of lectures at Tehran Unievrsity turned into a demonstration. The struggle continues.

The students have been threatened with a crackdown but this did not deter thousands of Iranian university students on Monday 18th defying these warnings and stepping up their protests.
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