Solidarity 3/117: download pdfs

Submitted by AWL on 19 September, 2007 - 12:02

Download the pages as pdfs!
See below:
Page 1: Public sector pay: unite the rank and file!
Page 2: The world as village gossip; National Service?; Swedish model will fail UK sex workers; Feminist Fightback conference
Page 3: Labour Party conference: Brown's plan is a death blow
Page 4: Industrial reports. TUC, Metronet, Fremantle, Karen Reissman, Remploy, Wembley occupation
Page 5: Public sector pay: postal workers, local government, health, prison officers, PCS
Page 6: Musharraf regime on the rocks; Iranian government cracks down; WOZA defiant
Page 7: The US in Iraq: holding on until 2009. World economy: an opaque crisis.
Page 8: Climate change: we can't change the world without the workers
Page 9: SNP launches National Monologue
Pages 10-11: The battle of Lewisham, 1977
Page 12: Galloway vs the SWP; some history for the bemused.
Page 13: Reviews: "Atonement", Alastair Campbell diaries
Page 14: Obituary: Max Roach. Review: Fawwaz Traboulsi on Lebanon
Pages 15-18: Workers in the Chinese revolution
Page 19: Student socialists plan for new term; deportations to Iraq; Feminists against Borders.
Page 20: Iraq unions unite to fight oil privatisation

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