Solidarity 3/115 (17 July) is out

Submitted by cathy n on 24 July, 2007 - 11:26

Download the pages, as pdfs, here (click on "read more", or read it on this website by clicking here.

Page 2: US Congress votes for troops withdrawal; Smoking ban; Obituary: Roy Webb
Page 3: Editorials: Conrad Black, George Galloway
Page 4: Industrial reports: TGWU meeting, boycott vote, Bakerloo strike, anti-Academy campaign, Leeds public sector pay rally, Crown Post Offices strike
Page 5: A government of "all the capitalist talents", Gordon Brown's democracy, Metronet
Page 6: Starbucks campaign: organise, exposing the reality; Poem: The cockle pickers
Page 7: Free Mansour Osanloo, Interview: "I will not be intimidated"
Page 8-9: The Post: gear up for a fight, The next steps, TNT's mercenary manouevres, "As we were saying"
Page 10: Engage meeting; Books: "Living" by Henry Green
Page 11: Reviews: War on Democracy, La Vie en Rose; Comment: NAACP campaign
Page 12: Debate: Iraq, 9/11 conspiracy, Fatah
Page 13: For a working class LGBT movement; Marxism 2007, suppressing debate
Page 14: Tom Mann part 3: the fight for free time
Page 15: Reports: Ideas for Freedom, National Shop Stewards Network, Tolpuddle Festival
Page 16: Stop Brown's assault on Labour conference; union conference against immigration controls.

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