Solidarity 3/111

Submitted by AWL on 2 May, 2007 - 11:21

Solidarity 3/111. Download the pages, as pdfs, here (click on "read more"), or read it on this website by clicking here.
Page 1: Consensus politics won't stop BNP
Page 2: Daily Express; Berezovsky
Page 3: Two million vote Trotskyist in France
Page 4: Industrial reports
Page 5: Public sector pay: who will move first?
Page 6: Iraq; abortion rights in USA; Oaxaca; Iran; Venezuela
Page 7: The fate of Boris Yeltsin
Pages 8 and 9: Migrant workers fight back; Strangers into citizens?; Polish workers lead Dublin wildcat strike; Live working or die fighting
Page 10: Ecology. Can we save the Earth?
Page 11: Reviews: This is England; Arctic Monkeys; May Day
Page 12: Debate. Keep it simpler; Transcending our fragmented tradition
Page 13: Debate. Sheila Cohen replies; Peter Tatchell and voting Labour
Page 14: Campaign news. G8 agenda; Scottish Socialists; Talking socialist feminist; Lambeth ALMO; Mahmoud Salehi
Page 15: Guy Aldred: sixty years of defiant struggle
Page 16: After Blair? Support John McDonnell. Restore the labour movement's voice in politics!

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